• Author: Jan Plánek, photo is not a subject of Creative Commons

Do not overlook

History hidden in destruction

The State Castle Vimperk became a part of the National Heritage Institute only on January 1, 2015. It was taken over in very bad condition caused by the long period of neglected maintenance. Therefore the castle tours are not equipped with furniture, carpets or paintings – on the contrary you can see the castle devastated, before its restoration.

But what can be more interesting that exploring the castle before the restoration? You can see the castle in its unadulterated shape; let it to speak to you through details. Notice the window's components, revealed historical paintings, ceilings or floors... After all, the most interesting at the castles is their history and the Vimperk castle history is truly rich.

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Topics of the year 2023

Every year we remind ourselves the important anniversaries of historical events or persons or point out the topics which we consider important. This year the National Heritage Institute introduces: